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Dr. Sponge™ Charcoal Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge
ITEM # 905CO  |  SIZE: ONE SPONGE ( 0.3 OZ)

Direction: Wet your dry sponge with lukewarm water for a few minutes until it softens and expands to almost twice its original size. Dr. Sponge™ can be used with or without a separate cleanser. Gently massage your skin in circular motion with your sponge for about 30 seconds. Repeat this step if necessary. Rinse the sponge clean with water and let it air dry using the attached cotton string. Rehydrate your sponge before each use.
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To achieve clear and healthy skin, we infused our revolutionary konjac sponge with bamboo charcoal that is made by burning bamboo pieces at extremely high temperature. Activated bamboo charcoal is the ideal ingredient to combat excess oil secretion because it contains carbon and minerals that have strong absorptive abilities and are very effective at drawing out environmental toxins, dirt and impurities. Our charcoal facial cleansing konjac sponge is a powerful agent at skin clarification and can also alleviate common acne-prone skin concerns such as clogged pores and breakouts. And even for dry and normal skin, this sponge is a wonderful choice for weekly detox, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized and smooth.

Recommended for combination and oily skin

Konjac-mannan (glucommnnan), Water, Bamboo Charcoal

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